April 18, 2010

Mesopotamia Fun!

In our DK eye-witness book on Mesopotamia there was a cool picture of one of the oldest board games. It was played in Ur about the same time frame that Abraham was living or his father, give or take a few generations. The game is called, The Royal game of UR. The Mesopotamians made the game out of tile pieces hand carved , but I decided simply to redraw the carvings. I thought it would be fun to try to play the game since the instructions were also in the book . It is a simple game with dice and moving your piece according to the roll on the dice. I drew a replica on parchment paper and mounted it on black paper and had it laminated. The boys played it last night with Dad. What fun they had! It is a two person game now but I have an idea how I can make it a four person game so all four of them can play at the same time.

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