April 18, 2010

Up The Ladder

W e have just about finished with step 1 in the Blend Phonics book. Step 1 is practicing reading three letter words with short vowels. For the past two weeks we have been reading words each day and writing (tracing) them in cursive. Max and Zak are done and Tj is just about finished reading the “e” words so I began our review fun today.
We played a game called up the ladder. I printed the free flash cards of the words we have just written and read out onto colored paper according to their short vowel sound. There are alot...enough for a few different games. For up the ladder I cut out 60 words, 20 for each guy and then placed them on the ladder with magnets from the fridge. As they go up they read the word, if they read it correctly they got to keep it. Once they all had gone up the ladder we went to the table and put the words into pockets in our short vowel lapbook. "a" words in the "a" pocket, “i” words in the “i” pocket etc. I wondered if they would figure out that the pocket was the same color as the words. Sure enough Max noticed right off and sorted all his words by color ignoring the letters. BUT...I left in one odd word which did not match. Tj and Zak were looking at the letters and Tj found the odd ball one. Then Max had to search back through his cards to see if he had one or not. phew worked out well. Then we created a cover for the lapbook and were done for today.
Pockets for this lapbook can be found here for FREE, scroll down the lady bug lapbook until you find the pocket pattern under bible verse. Cover can be bought here for $1.99. I adjusted the cover by covering over the “AT” with a sign that says “short Vowels”.

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