April 20, 2010

Cheerfulness and Joy

"There are three things that you need to be successful in parenting…Cheerfulness, authoritative commands, and consistency."

The majority of the success however lies in cheerfulness. You may have heard it said that a smile is half-way to happiness….cheerfulness is over half way to getting on well you’re your kids.
“Everyone is attracted to Joy. Children will do anything for the one who enjoys them.”

I am not at all the ideal mother. I lose patience with my kids and say things in anger sometimes……… but one thing strengthens my heart like none other and that is when I know God is pleased with me (because of Jesus blood that covers ALL my sin) and I am enjoyed for who I am. Even when I am messy. This love and acceptence is my strength.
"The Joy of the Lord is my strength," could be re-phrased....His joy when he looks at me, gives me strength. After I have recieved this acceptence, I am able to give it to my kids. I can look at them with joy, not with judgement or disapproval. They then have the strength to fail, to try, to be themselves. All of this because we are free from our sin and accepted by God. Because He has a purpose for our lives and a hope for eternity. Because He enjoys us!

“But know that cheerfulness will cover a multitude of deficiencies.”

“I say again, there is one indispensable quality you must possess—cheerfulness. It is the easiest thing to come by and does not require maturity or wisdom. The Bible word is “joy”. It takes a lifetime to become a library of wisdom, but God can make you completely joyful in an instant. Joy/cheerfulness is the byproduct of thankfulness and love.”
“Training without joy is tyranny.”
All quotes were extracted from this article.

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