April 20, 2010

Tigers...the Rousseau Way

I finally got on the ball and began to organize our rainforest lapbooks. We are 1/3 through the second book about this topic and we haven't done a thing with it yet. I always begin with the covers and this time I decided to have the boys do their own art work for it. On this website I found a lesson on drawing a tiger based upon art work by one of the fauve artists Rousseau. Much of his work contains jungle and rainforest themes. I showed them how to do the basics in the drawing in pencil first……. then I let them go wild with the colors. Zak was really upset when he saw how we were all coloring realistically and he had begun to color his tiger bright light blue. I thought it was great but he just would not accept his drawing. He wanted to do another one, but I thought his idea was really good and encouraged him to keep on with it. He just wouldn’t have it. In the end I drew him another pencil drawing to color how he wanted to. I then picked up his discarded one and began to show him how cool his idea could be. I added red and yellow and colored like a true fauve artist using unreal colors and bright ones. In the end he loved it!!! We all loved it. I think it turned out best of them all, but they are all unique and cool. take a look....

                                                    Zak’s Fauve Tiger!
                                         Max’s Tiger……….grrrrrrrowl.

  T.J.’s Tiger

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