September 8, 2010

5 and 5 and 42

This year I turned 42 years old. Zak and Tj are 5. We are all August babies, so we decided to celebrate together all three of us at the beach  in August with my mom and dad and my brother's family.
Our Birthday celebration table.

The fruit topping from the farmer's market in Lincoln city.

Fresh fruit along side Angel food cake my personal favorite. Zak nd Tj are trying it for the first time and it is a big hit....why you may ask? Because it is hard to slice a small piece of it. It always looks big!

T.J. stands for Toby Jak. What I love about this little guy is that already at 5 years of age I trust him. He is steady and concrete. He fights for truth and is loyal to the end. he is quite a poet and linguist and he can look you in the eye and swindle you of a million dollars while sweet talking you making you feel good about it. He loves to trick people and tell jokes. He was baby A in the womb breaking his water because he was so eager to get out and see the world. I love Him for this. even if he came 6 weeks early he came out ready to take on the world. Go get 'um T.J.

Zak like most twins is quite different from his twin brother. Zak maybe could have been named Zorba after Zorba the greek because he is exuberant and loud and full of smiles and laughter. He loves people and has never met a stranger. Zak lives to move, to be with people and to be helpful. Already at 5 years of age he has an amazing work ethic. Tools he easily masters and once he knows a job needs doing he is after it. What I love most about Zak is how freely he shares his heart with love notes and words of endearment a wonderful tight little boy hugs. He is true and sweet and full of affection. The World is yours Zak!

Inspired by the recent film, "Holiday" my husband becomes Mr. Napkin Head. Zak was rolling off his chair with laughter. We all enjoyed a good belly laugh.

JB my silly brother.

Elliot My brother's oldest son.

My mom effectionately known as Grandma Jean.

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  1. I love Mr. Napkin Head! Way to be an amazing father to those boys, Tim!!