September 28, 2010

Coffee Roasters

Max. T.J. and Zak offically badged for touring Distant Lands Coffee Roasting Company.
Our good friend Bev, works at Distant lands coffee Roasters. We stopped by one day to see what she does when she goes to work.
Bev's main job is to track beans purchased from around the world and bring into the warehouse. Then they are roasted and flavored and packaged for sale in supermarkets.
Before we could go into the roatser part of the plant we had to dress up.
Max, Zak and T.J. ready to see what's roasting.
Inside the coffee roasting factory.
One of the Roasters.
Coffee once finished roasting.
Storing the roasted coffee before it is packaged.
Packaging up the roasted coffee.
Once packaged the coffee is stored in the warehouse before being shipped off to stores where it is sold.

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  1. Indoctrinate them early in the joys of coffee! LOL! I wish I could have been there. I adore coffee.