September 8, 2010

A Hike with a View

We have been hiking alot this summer. There are loads of wonderful trails in the Renton area near Seattle, WA where we have been visiting friends. The boys are way ahead of me and I really get a good walk or run when we go because I am struggling to keep up. My husband is really the instigator of this rigorous pace. He is very fit and runs the boys up the trails. The day I didn't go they had been hiking in a new area and found a trail to a place where you can view Mt. Raineer and most of Seatlle. They had been hiking a fair bit before they discovered this new trail so had not yet reached the summit and the view. So the next day we all headed for the trail head eager to finish what they had begun the day before. It was a beautiful day with very few clouds in the sky...rare for Seattle.
The boys at the trail head.

TJ was nervous about the cougars we read about on the wilderness sign heading out. But on we went.
through the brush up the trail and finally there was a leveling out place and up ahead I hear a big whoop and saw what the whooping was all about...

We had only been hiking for an hour and then such a beauty was before us. This picture is so poor it cannot grasp the clear and wonderful sight it was!
TJ started singing made up praise songs about the greatness of God.
What a great day for hiking.

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