September 8, 2010

Alpacas in Oregon?

Just outside of Philomath Oregon there is a small Alpaca farm.
One of my very dear and long time friends Michelle, took me out here last summer. We ate breakfest across the road at a very delcious Organic Farm called Gathering Together Farms. They have a wonderful outdoor Cafe. So this summer I brought my family to see these really very funny and amazing animals and eat some amazing organic food.

The Alpacas are kept for their wool which is said to be many times lighter and warmer than wool. It s very soft.

We loved how each alpaca had it's own unique face and look.

For 25 cents the boys were able to fill a small plactic cup with Alpaca feed.

Max feeding one of the Alpacas.
Michelle trying it free hand. Their lips are very much like a horses lips..they tickle.
Michelle and the boys after a great lunch of clay oven baked pizza and roasted duck leg over green beanswith blueberry gastric sauce...and for desert...homemade potato doughnuts.
Definnitely my favorite cafe in Oregon.

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  1. what great memories! Please give the boys big hugs from me :)