September 8, 2010

Treasures by the sea

Along this particular inlet on this particular beach, sand dollars thrive by the hundreds or maybe thousands. We could not take a step in some areas for the sand dollars were stacked up so close together. The boys and I were treated to a hike to this facinating place by our friends, Bob and Sharon, who live not far from here.
We took buckets and shovels along on our hike and once we arrived at the beach we dug...then we spotted the hundreds of sand dollars closer to the surf and the boys rushed about picking up as many as they could get in their buckets. It was such a delight to feel so rich!

Zak's bucket of sand dollars.
Digging for clams.
The underside of a sand dollar.
This green one is quite small. It is dead but we found loads of live ones. They were purplish in color and leathery. On the underside they had hundreds of tenticle like feet.

Another fun find!

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