September 9, 2010

River Hike

Yesterday we took out our rafts just past this bridge. After a good nights sleep back at the camp ground, we returned to hike two miles along the river to Rainie Falls, a class 5 rapid. The Boys wanted to see a "real" rapid and we were sort of hoping to see a boat or two try to run it. 
We looked at the map and were off!
The boys had a difficult hike ahead. The right side drops off about 100 feet to the river below, and on both sides of the trail and often in the middle poison oak was growing everywhere.
Leaves of three, let them be!
The river was very calm....can you see the bubbles in the water that show where the current is?
Raine Falls was impressive! The boys ate lunch here and sat for a long time hoping someone was going to run it. Unfortunately no one came so we had to trek back.

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